Forum Energy Technologies (NYSE: FET)
Global provider of manufactured technologies and applied products to the energy industry, serving the drilling, completion, production, flow control and subsea segments.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Global (Houston)
Year Invested: 2005; 2010
Initial Public Offering: New York Stock Exchange – April 12, 2012

Rockwater Energy SolutionsRockwater Energy Solutions
Provides comprehensive fluids management services and environmental solutions, including water transfer by pipe and fleet of trucks; stimulation & production chemicals; environmentally-friendly hydraulic fracturing fluid components, such as food based guar derivative products, and crosslinker technologies; logistics and transportation of fluids, proppants, and oilfield service products.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Global (Houston)
Year Invested: 2005; 2011*

Site Energy Services
Infrastructure services and wellsite construction and reclamation company based in Alberta, Canada, specifically focused on heavy oil development.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Canada (Calgary)
Year Invested: 2010*

Nine Energy Service
Provider of downhole completions solutions with a significant focus on multi-stage completions in horizontal laterals.
Geographic Focus/HQ: U.S. (Houston)
Year Invested: 2011*

Beckman Production Services, Inc.
Comprehensive well services, including workover rigs, swabbing units, hot oilers, high pressure pump trucks, anchor setting trucks, vacuum trucks, crude oil trucks and tankers licensed to haul non-hazardous liquid waste
and crude oil.
Geographic Focus/HQ: U.S. (Kalkaska, Michigan)
Year Invested:

Oil Patch Group
Provider of rental equipment and services to support drilling and completion work. The company focuses on accommodation and support services, downhole drill pipe and tubular rental products, and production testing and flowback.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arkansas (Houston)
Year Invested: 2013

Diversified energy and minerals services provider throughout Australia and New Zealand, serving the logging/directional drilling, oil and gas wireline, well testing and production services segments.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand
Year Invested: 2011

Provides sand control solutions to the conventional and unconventional oil sands markets in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The company provides downhole completion and production maintenance services to the oil producing regions of Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as water well sand control products.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Canada (Calgary)
Year Invested: 2014

International provider of advanced subsea acoustic positioning systems, diver communication systems, and acoustic subsea controls.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Global (Aberdeen)
Year Invested: 2010

RentAir Offshore
Rentair OffshoreA global provider of specialist rental equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry. The company’s core products of air compression and steam generation are designed to support the needs of major oil and gas operators and service companies in the production of oil and gas, well testing, high pressure pipeline testing, rig repair and maintenance operations, as well as drill cuttings handling and supporting the renewables sector.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Global (Aberdeen)
Year Invested: 2014

Seanic Ocean Systems
Seanic Ocean SystemsProvides engineered solutions and standard tool sales/rental for ROV applications to the offshore oil and gas industry.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Global (Houston)
Year Invested: 2014

Tristar Water Solutions
Complete turnkey water management services, with operations throughout Western Australia and Queensland. The company designs, fabricates, installs, tests, services and rents a wide range of water and wastewater treatment equipment to the mining, oil and gas industries.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Australia
Year Invested: 2013

Jacks Winches
Specialized equipment rental company that offers a full range of air, diesel, hydraulic and electric winches, lifting, rigging and jacking equipment, and compressors and hydraulic power units to the mining and offshore oil and gas industries.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Australia (Perth) and Singapore
Year Invested: 2013

Conserve Oilfield Services Limited
Rents tanks, containers, and other cargo carrying units for the storage and transportation of drilling fluids, chemicals, equipment, materials, and provisions to the offshore oil and gas industry.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Global (Aberdeen)
Year Invested: 2012

WTS Rentals
Leading provider of rental utility solutions for remote work sites in Western Canada.
Geographic Focus/HQ: Western Canada (Nanton)
Year Invested: 2014

* Current platforms for growth utilizing additional SCF capital