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Partner in Energy

Investing in people building great companies

For over 30 years, SCF Partners has supported exceptional entrepreneurs, providing capital, strategy, and a global network of energy leaders.

The secret to our success isn’t a secret at all. It’s people. The strength of our relationships stems from a shared commitment to a core set of values—integrity, hard work, and discipline.

We strive to be true partners. We desire to work with great entrepreneurs and management teams, and together, build lasting companies that will be leaders in the industry.”

LE Simmons
Founder and Partner

Driving transformation
in the energy industry

Affordable and reliable energy has been the key to continued prosperity. SCF has a long history of supporting entrepreneurs as they build companies to decrease the cost and increase the reliability of energy around the globe.

Now the industry must transition to lower the carbon intensity of the world’s energy systems. Whether it’s reducing the carbon footprint of oil and gas operations, maintaining renewable assets, or developing reliable energy infrastructure, a successful energy transition will depend on high quality service, product, and technology companies.

Supporting entrepreneurs, accelerating innovation

New technologies are needed to transform today’s energy. Start-ups and established companies are playing a role in developing and deploying leading-edge solutions that continue to drive down energy’s carbon footprint and cost.

SCF’s technology investment arm, SCF Ventures, backs innovative, early-stage growth companies. We support entrepreneurs with the best ideas and connect them with the most promising markets, accelerating innovation.

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