We’re Strategic Partners,
Not Financial Engineers

A history of deep commitment to entrepreneurs

We believe the foundation of any investment is the entrepreneurial spirit of its operating management. We do not manage the businesses ourselves, nor do we simply invest in business plans. We find the best people–and then we help them build the best companies.

We’re in it for the long haul and pride ourselves on building companies with enduring value. We identify sectors with sustainable growth outlooks, then partner with the finest entrepreneurs in those fields to help grow their companies into industry leaders.

Helping build energy services, products, and technology companies

Services, products, and technology are needed in every aspect of energy, from exploration, production, and generation to processing, transmission, and distribution— we do it all.

Partnering globally,
executing locally

Energy is an international industry. Understanding the global market is vital to providing affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy.

With a presence in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, SCF has the footprint and track record to support entrepreneurs servicing the energy industry worldwide.

SCF Office Locations
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Creating value for
our investors and communities

We are deeply committed to helping non-profit organizations invest their resources successfully.

Our investor base is comprised primarily of non-profit organizations, universities, and charitable endowments. The value created by our partnerships enriches these educational, medical, and other vital institutions, strengthening our community.

ESG and Our Beliefs,
Values, and Culture


We believe in the need to reduce CO2 emissions while also addressing the world’s growing energy demand.

The world is warming and human development and influences, including the combustion of fossil fuels, contribute to that trend.

We also believe that low-cost, reliable energy, combined with human ingenuity, has been the principal building block of human progress and has dramatically improved productivity, human welfare, prosperity, and life expectancy over the past 150 years.

Therefore, our “dual challenge” is to continue to:

  1. Reduce emissions that contribute to the warming of the planet, while also
  2. Supplying safe, affordable, and reliable energy.

Solving this “dual challenge” will take decades. It will require a substantial increase in global capital spending and innovation. It will involve the development and improvement of both traditional and new energy sources, in addition to significant investment to develop and maintain the infrastructure required to convey these existing and new energy sources.

SCF believes that substantial investment and innovation will be required to support:

  • Improvements in and maintenance of traditional energy sources,
  • The development and growth of transitional energy sources and related infrastructure (like wind, solar, natural gas, and energy storage systems), and
  • Breakthroughs in transformational energy technologies (like hydrogen, nuclear, carbon capture and storage, and enhanced storage systems).

We plan to invest in building energy service, product, and technology companies in each of these key areas and expect the mix of our invested capital to evolve to include a larger percentage of transitional investments over time.

We also expect to pursue transformational energy investments through SCF Ventures and our core portfolio companies with related competencies.


We believe in investing in and enhancing the communities in which we work and live.

Since our inception in 1989, we have encouraged everyone in our firm to volunteer, contribute, start, and/or work with non-profit and civic organizations. Over the years, volunteerism, philanthropy, and community activism have become rich and meaningful parts of SCF’s culture.

The current civic engagement of our team includes volunteering and leadership with over 20 universities, health care organizations, community chambers of commerce, industry associations, educational, and other civic and non-profit organizations.

We believe that active civic engagement, volunteerism, and contribution is good for our community and for our business.


We believe that outstanding governance starts with a foundational culture
of fairness, integrity, transparency, hard work, and respect.

We actively work to maintain the trust of our investors and portfolio companies and seek to build lasting relationships with all of our business partners. We strive to evolve our governance principles and regularly monitor and adopt best practices.

SCF also believes in the importance of diverse leadership in our firm and portfolio companies. Our leaders include men and women from all corners of the world. Given the global nature of the energy industry and our firm, it is important to understand and appreciate different cultures, practices, and perspectives.

We believe that having a strong ethical culture and excellent governance practices make it easy for executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and companies to do business with SCF.