Deep Imaging Unveils Real-Time Fluid Tracking Solution at URTeC 2019 Conference

Denver, ColoradoJuly 2019 – Deep Imaging, a frac diagnostics company, recently unveiled its Real-Time Fluid Tracking solution at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC).

Real-Time Fluid Tracking enables operators to see fracs happen and make adjustments in real-time to avoid costly setbacks and improve profitability. This solution – the first of its kind – tracks the fluid as it travels through the wellbore and out to the fracture tips during a completion job. As a result, upstream companies can validate models and successful stages while identifying, fixing, or avoiding problem stages as they occur.

Deploying the Real-Time Fluid Tracking tool can create significant value for operators by reducing waste and boosting productivity. Without the right instruments to see what is happening during a well completion, operators experience frac hits and are unable to track frac placement in the reservoir – which can result in leaving valuable resources in the ground.

David Moore, CEO and President of Deep Imaging, said: “We are proud to provide to clients answers about what’s happening in their reservoirs – and now we will deliver that information in real-time. In addition to making decisions on how to design the next completion more efficiently, customers will now be able to make decisions on how to stop frac hits, see plug failures and bad cement and decide how to mitigate the impact, stage by stage.”

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