Pipeline Plastics Adds Capacity for Natural Gas Distribution Applications, Expanding Their Utility Offerings and Customers

Westlake, TX – September 2021 – SCF Partners portfolio company Pipeline Plastics (“PLP”), a leading manufacturer of high-performance polyethylene pipe, is excited to announce that they have added medium density polyethylene (MDPE) pipe manufacturing capacity to expand their offerings for natural gas distribution (NGD) applications in the utility sector.

Mike Leathers, CEO, adds “Pipeline Plastics’ quality culture is a great match for the extremely high-quality demands of the natural gas distribution and utility industry.  Our team has a long history within the gas industry and understands the gas utilities’ needs for having confidence in their supplier.  PLP is investing in the best technology to meet these needs supported by our ISO 9001 processes and great people. This product expansion, coupled with our geographic expansion, is another step in our pivoting strategy to generate value for all stakeholders.”

With the growing demand for gas and the country’s aging infrastructure, it is important for local gas utilities to upgrade and expand their asset base, and polyethylene pipe is the preferred material given its low cost and environmental advantages. Polyethylene piping systems are safe and reliable. Due to its’ low carbon footprint, polyethylene pipe is the best solution to deliver reliable, affordable, and clean energy to households across the country.