SCF’s MPC Kinetic Sells Mining Technology Division

June 1, 2021 Houston, TX: SCF Partners (“SCF”) is pleased to announce the sale of Kinetic Logging Services Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of MPC Kinetic Holdings (“MPCK”), to Epiroc. Kinetic Logging Services provides mining technology measurement services to build improved geological models to help mining companies increase productivity. The business was a key part of a predecessor entity of MPCK, in which SCF made its original investment in 2011 alongside Viburnum Funds.

Kinetic Logging Services’ flagship product, OreSight, is a solution that provides near real-time borehole assay data and grade information. Mining companies feed this data directly into their blast models, allowing them to make improved decisions on production and ore blending. The development and introduction of the OreSight solution allowed the business to expand its reach from the exploratory phase to the production phase of the mining sector.

“The transaction is a win-win for all parties involved,” says Andy Waite, Co-President of SCF. “Epiroc has the global platform and customer base necessary to deploy and grow this technology outside of Australia, which will provide great opportunities for the Kinetic Logging Services’ management team, while MPCK was able to realize significant value from this divestiture. The proceeds from the sale will allow MPCK to reduce debt and pay a meaningful dividend to shareholders, and will also allow the group to have a clearer strategic focus on the LNG, renewables and major utility infrastructure sectors going forward.”