Xage Strengthens Position as a Leading Cybersecurity Provider with Kinder Morgan Contract, CISA Joint Cyber Defense Council Membership, and Industry Awards

Palo Alto, CA – May 2023 – Xage Security (“Xage”), the zero-trust real-world cybersecurity company, has been selected by Kinder Morgan (“KMI”), one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America, to enhance the cybersecurity of its critical infrastructure. Additionally, Xage has announced its membership in the CISA Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (“JCDC”) industrial control systems (“ICS”) working group, a partnership between US government agencies and private sector organizations focused on sharing threat intelligence and best practices for protecting operational technology.

In addition, Xage has also received recognition for its innovative cybersecurity solutions. The company was recently named a winner of two industry awards: the IoT Breakthrough Award for Industrial IoT Innovation and the Cyber Defense Magazine Global InfoSec Award for Zero Trust. These awards highlight Xage’s commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies that secure critical infrastructure and protect against cyber threats.

Xage’s engagement with Kinder Morgan, membership in the CISA JCDC, and recognition through industry awards demonstrate the company’s continued success and traction in the cybersecurity industry. By leveraging innovative approaches and zero-trust security technology, Xage is helping to protect critical infrastructure and address the evolving threat landscape.

“Kinder Morgan is a mission-critical piece of our nation’s energy sector, and we applaud them for prioritizing cyber hardening of their IT and OT infrastructure,” said Duncan Greatwood, CEO at Xage, of the agreement with KMI. “To that end, Xage is honored to work with the KMI team on their strategic critical infrastructure resilience journey. With Xage, KMI can support OT priorities like access control and availability of services, while protecting the security of complex infrastructure.”

Mr. Greatwood also went to say about Xage’s membership in the JCDC: “We’re honored to be selected for this initiative to help defend U.S. critical infrastructure against growing threats. Xage has deep experience in both identifying and blocking cyberattacks for some of the largest energy, defense, and manufacturing infrastructure operators around the globe. We look forward to applying our expertise in zero trust architectures and innovative approaches for ICS/OT to advance the collective cybersecurity posture of U.S. and global organizations.”

Source: Global Newswire, World Pipelines

About Xage Security:

Xage is the first and only zero trust real-world security company. Xage’s solutions and services accelerate and simplify the way enterprises secure, manage and transform digital operations across OT, IT, and cloud. Xage products include Identity & Access Management (IAM), remote access, and dynamic data security, all powered by the Xage Fabric. Xage also offers Cybersecurity Services, which deliver expert design, implementation, and support services to accelerate the adoption of proactive cyber-defense and underpin secure digital transformation. To learn more, go to www.xage.com.