SCF Ventures Headlines Evercore ISI Energy Technology Showcase

New York, New York, SCF PartnersOctober 2019 – Evercore ISI, a leading investment bank and research firm, recently hosted its first Private Company Energy Technology Showcase in partnership with SCF Ventures. The forum hosted Evercore clients, corporate executives, and institutional investors, and featured presentations by Hossam Elbadawy of SCF Ventures and James West, Senior Managing Director at Evercore ISI responsible for research coverage of the Oil Services, Equipment, and Drilling industry. The event highlighted presentations from three SCF Ventures companies: Kinetic Pressure Control, Deep Imaging, and

“We believe in today’s environment that understanding the leading edge of technology advancement in the space is critical for energy investing,” concluded the Evercore ISI team. “It was clear that the audience views technology as the key to driving additional efficiencies and productivity gains in shale development. The industry is in the middle of retooling for lower for longer and operators and contractors must make changes to their businesses to enhance returns. Technology and innovation will be the main drivers for this change. … [M]ost independent service companies are not set up to deal with early stage products. We expect to see more alliances formed to help with R&D development.” Evercore ISI’s full report describing the event is attached.

Download Evercore ISI’s Report

Kinetic Pressure Control is a leading well control technology company that designs and manufactures innovative wellhead and pressure control equipment and services. The main product, the Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS), is an electrically initiated, pyro-mechanical gate valve which performs the critical function of shearing and sealing during completions and intervention well control operations. The K-BOS may be retrofitted to existing subsea shear ram cavities or may be added to the stack as a failsafe in the case of high risk coiled tubing, workover, and snubbing operations. By harnessing the power of kinetic energy, the K-BOS’ unique design enables an operator to shear and seal everything above the bit in the well – instantly and with ultimate reliability. This greatly limits the potential threat posed by blowouts.

Deep Imaging is focused on characterizing frac propagation and improving frac performance by directly measuring the frac fluid in the formation and providing a real time view of fluid movement. The company maps the frac fluid as it is injected in the formation and during flowback by creating a subsurface electromagnetic field which detects a measurable change caused by the frac fluid as it moves, eliminating guesswork with direct measurements. The entirely surface-based arrays are located off the pad, avoiding any disturbance to pad operations. Deep Imaging enables operators to identify problems in wells and improve profitability. Deep Imaging can identify frac hits, bad cement, plug failures, open zippers and other challenges in real time, helping operators to optimize their frac design. combines a passion for data analytics with a deep understanding of the oil and gas business and provides an integrated analytics platform for oil and gas, covering the complete well life-cycle from exploration and drilling to operations, completions, and production. The company’s tools organize data, provide end-to-end solutions, and optimize workflows. The main product,, is easy to set up, with pre-made workflows to apply powerful machine learning algorithms right out of the box. is used to build and share digital plans, seamlessly measure key variables throughout well construction, track performance in real time, capture learnings to keep improving from well to well and pad to pad, and empower innovation within organizations.

SCF Ventures is an early stage investment vehicle within SCF Partners that focuses on providing differentiated capital to emerging companies to develop new products and technologies in the energy services sector.