Hydrasun Acquires Fuel Cell Systems, a Leading Provider of Hydrogen Systems and Applications

Aberdeen, Scotland – September 2022 – SCF Partners (“SCF”) is pleased to announce Hydrasun has acquired Fuel Cell Systems Ltd. (“FCS”), a leading provider of a range of hydrogen systems and applications including fuel cells, modular electrolyzer systems, compression, storage, and mobile and static refueling systems, along with a range of complimentary design consultancy services. The FCS acquisition builds on Hydrasun’s existing footprint and position as a systems builder and integrator in the emerging hydrogen sector and adds proprietary technology and further expands the range of overall hydrogen systems capabilities to its offerings.

FCS’s core business involves working with major fuel cell manufacturers and then designing and recommending the most suitable solution for each customers requirements and how best to integrate these within their energy systems.  In addition to this, the company has developed a series of hydrogen refueling systems for a range of end user applications in the transport sectors and integrated modular electrolyzer systems for hydrogen generation.

Key priorities for the initial “post-acquisition” phase include a significant recruitment drive, a significant scaling up of the manufacture of the FCS range of mobile hydrogen refueling systems and a significant increase in investment to accelerate ongoing R&D and new technology and product development.

 “We are delighted to have completed this transaction and are very excited at the prospect of working closely with Tom and the team at FCS and to achieving the full potential for our combined organizations in the rapidly emerging and growing Hydrogen Sector,” said Bob Drummond, CEO of Hydrasun

“Hydrasun have been a key supplier to FCS for many years and have been critical in the manufacturing and deployment of our hydrogen systems. This exciting new announcement will now mean the companies working together in this rapidly growing sector to help develop the green hydrogen infrastructure required for net zero,” said Tom Chicken, CEO of Fuel Cell Systems.

About Hydrasun

Hydrasun is a recognized market leader in the provision of integrated fluid transfer, power and control solutions. They are focused on both driving and supporting the energy transition through their work in the oil & gas, renewable energy, hydrogen, general industrial, and marine sectors in the UK and internationally. To learn more, go to www.hydrasun.com.

About Fuel Cell Systems

Fuel Cell Systems Ltd. (“FCS”) has been applying fuel cell technology to real-life applications since 2010. In that time, the company has accumulated expertise across a range of fuel cell technologies and applications. FCS is now applying that expertise to the wider emerging hydrogen sector, where they design, build, and supply refueling systems for hydrogen mobility applications and integrated modular electrolyzer systems for hydrogen generation.  To learn more, go to www.fuelcellsystems.co.uk.