Score Group Wins Energy Industry Council Company of the Year Award Along with the Technology and Export Awards

Peterhead, Scotland – October 2022 – SCF Partners’ (“SCF”) portfolio company Score Group (“Score”) led all companies at the Energy Industry Council (“EIC”) Awards Dinner with three recognitions, winning the Technology Award, the Export Award, and the main award of the night, the EIC Company of the Year.

EIC, one the world’s leading energy trade associations, hosts its annual Awards Dinner to celebrate excellence of energy supply chain companies. Industry expert judges selected from 63 energy supply chain companies and handed out 16 awards in various categories to recognize the leader in each.

Score was first recognized with Technology Award, given to the company that specifically develops and deploys a technology that solves a client’s problems, for their MIDAS Meter® technology. The MIDAS Meter® uses an acoustic emission sensor to help customers detect emissions long before they could with conventional methods or instrumentation. The technology also allows personnel to benchmark valve performance during commissioning and provides data storage, analysis, and reporting in the field.

Score’s next victory came with Export Award for their work in developing new business growth by focusing on internationalization in new regions. With around 300 MIDAS Meter® kits now spread over 6 continents, around 80% of Score’s sales are being exported to different countries.

The third and final award for Score was the biggest of the night – the EIC Company of the Year. This award recognizes Score for providing all around great service to the industry by helping customers solve key issues and ensuring a sustainable supply of affordable energy with as little environmental impact as possible.

“We are incredibly proud of the fantastic work the team at Score is doing,” says Colin Welsh, Partner at SCF and Chairman of Score. “The company deserves all the recognition they received at the EIC Awards, and SCF is fortunate to have a such a high quality partner that is leading the industry.”

About Score Group:

Score Group is a market leading, global engineering solutions company, providing a full-spectrum service to multiple market sectors, underpinned by a proven track record based on more than four decades of experience and innovation. The company is the global market leader in valve management, technology, and associated services for the oil and gas, marine, defense, and aerospace industries. To learn more, go to