Qube Technologies Announces Expanded Commitment with TRP Energy to Monitor Methane Emissions on all Permian Facilities

Calgary, Alberta – February 2022 – Qube Technologies, Inc (“Qube”), the leader in low-cost continuous methane monitoring, announced TRP Energy’s (“TRP”) commitment to deploy emissions monitoring technology at all twenty-five of their facilities in the Permian Basin.

As a leading Midland Basin E&P operator focused on carbon reduction, TRP has tested multiple methane detection technologies, collaborated with environmental thought leaders, and redesigned oilfield infrastructure to green the oilfield. TRP views its partnership with Qube as “a quantum leap forward in ensuring all methane emissions are captured,” said Randy Dolan, Co-Chief Executive Officer at TRP. “Using the latest technology to proactively obtain complete, real-time methane detection coverage across an entire asset is the lowest hanging fruit available to decarbonize the oilfield. And this drives toward our overarching goal of producing vital, affordable domestic energy with the lowest possible carbon footprint.”

Qube continues to form partnerships with leading energy companies focused on reducing their carbon footprint while maintaining competitiveness in a global market that is moving towards sustainable production practices and ESG efforts. New regulations and standards across North America have mandated methane emissions reduction efforts and voluntary efforts by leading oil and gas companies have fostered an innovative approach to emissions reduction strategies and targets.

“We are thrilled to be working with the TRP team on this project, expanding our deployments after a successful pilot,” said Alex MacGregor, Chief Executive Officer at Qube. “This partnership will further advance their ESG goal to be a sustainable producer through the application of our continuous monitoring technology.”

“SCF Ventures is proud to support Qube as it helps environmentally conscious operators like TRP to monitor and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions,” said Hossam Elbadawy, Managing Director and Technology Partner at SCF Ventures. “Technologies like this will play a crucial role in achieving the transition to energy that is not only clean, but also affordable.”

About Qube Technologies:

Qube is a Calgary-based start-up developing a low-cost environmental surveillance technology. Our mission is to help primary industries, such as oil and gas, cost-effectively detect, quantify, and reduce methane and other emissions. Qube is currently working with leading operators across North America and has support from a wide range of investors and government bodies. Please visit www.qubeiot.com for more information.