Our Team

SCF’s Management Team is a group of proactive leaders in the energy industry. Each executive brings a unique set of talents to the table.  Our professional staff consists of nine executives and advisers who have devoted their careers to energy investing, the energy industry and energy banking.

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L.E. Simmons, Chairman David C. Baldwin, Co-President Andrew L. Waite, Co-President Anthony F. DeLuca, Partner
John W. Geddes, Partner Theresa W. Eaton, Managing Director Ann G. Fox, Managing Director Peter J. Stuart, Managing Director,
Celurca Investments Ltd.
Nicholas B. Drake, Vice President Alex Sonnenberg, Vice President Dave Patterson, Associate Chris R. Peterson, Associate
Garrett Jackson, Analyst Cissy Xiao, Director Ryan Liles, Director Jeff Ewen, Director,
Torbraud Investment Pte Ltd
Ernie Danner, Managing Director